Data model

We are inspired by data triples, which is a structured way to write diverse information into one data storage. By putting three data entry fields into the interface, we aim to experiment with this form of data.

Our data ontology is very reduced. We differentiate only between element and relation (as nodes and edges in the network). Elements can be some words, longer texts in one field or media files. In the first prototype it can be selected that an entry is a place (see also: Urban context), or that it carries a trigger warning.

Many ways of sorting archival information are encyclopedic and aim to have a hierarchical tree system of connection. The networked knowledge in a cooArchi is sorted only according to relations that were written into it.

Our RDFS is very minimalistic. At the core of the cooArchi principle are only three fields that describe each other. Through pluralistic description of elements, a network of contested meaning is possible.