Social media

Commercial social media has created a new age of media and archive communities. Our interface is intended as grassroot alternatives: to have many cooArchis instead of Facebook groups or Google drives. Commercial social media platforms are one important place where media archives of communities take form. To break the power of these data-extraction business, our interfaces for sharing and describing written information and media don’t replicate their way of interaction but envision more sustainable and ethical ways.

The data model of cooArchi (see: Triples, Database structure), is better suited for community archives than commercial social media, while adopting aspects of network culture, like live interaction and chains of content. Other aspects like the difference of post and comment in social media, and the hierarchical tree-structure this implies, are dissolved in a cooArchi: the networks of data that are stored in a cooArchi are decentral, for example media can describe media as no form of text or media is central and no description is more important than another description.