Power of institutions

We are interested in archival practices beyond stately and powerful institutions and how these forms of knowledge are reproduced and exhibited. We use free and open source technology to support these forms of authorship. The prototype of cooArchi was built for this purpose, to test ways of producing, storing and representing documentation.## Test line

History is not written by all. Yet the ways that documents and objects are stored and described in big archives and museums affect all, this cultural technology is connected to top-down politics and governance. While digitization in these silos is often understood as a process of democratization or at least transparency, the opposite is also true, the central and hierarchical power of these institutions is multiplied in the spectacle worlds of digital media and cybernetic governance. Then there is a history of counter-archives and alternative archives which contrast the motives and practices of big institutions. With cooArchi we want to test how in a digital context new and dynamic ways of doing anti-hierarchical and experimental forms of collective writing and documentation are possible.