Immaterial and ephemeral heritage

The initial cooArchi prototype was inspired by the alternative club and festival scene, or by raves in general. The events and spaces in this context often are temporary and performative, this implies immaterial and ephemeral heritage. Another challenge is the diversity of media, as raves are a great example of decentered culture, for various participants different aspects might be important, therefore, a photograph of the crowd, a flyer, a recording are each very limited ways of capturing this culture. Flyer collections imply a hegemony of visual aesthetic and a linearity of compartmentalized events. Yet from the visual viewpoint of the audience these can be completely unrelated to the experience and meaning of a rave.

In a cooArchi such relations and unrelations can be written in a network of sentences, longer texts and media. This experiment of writing a software inspired by rave culture and guided by ethical design principles stands in stark contrast to common ways of dealing with cultural heritage. But we also had museums in mind and one hope is that the pluralistic description system and the semantics-based coproduction (see: Semantic web) in cooArchi will be adopted in established contexts and institutions.